AI-Generated Music: Create Music In Seconds

After the introduction of generative AI, the music industry finds itself at a crossroads of innovation and copyright protection.

July 21, 2023

Let’s Talk About AI-Generated Music!

After the introduction of generative AI, the music industry finds itself at a crossroads of innovation and copyright protection. Google and Universal Music, along with other music giants, are reportedly exploring uncharted territory—licensing AI-generated voices and melodies for music creation. This game-changing development poses new challenges and opportunities in the world of AI-generated deepfake songs.

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Negotiating AI-Generated Music

As AI technology advances, the ability to convincingly replicate established artists' voices is a double-edged sword. Google and Universal Music are said to be engaged in preliminary discussions, envisioning a future where fans can legally create tracks using AI-generated voices while compensating the rightful copyright holders. This move could empower artists to participate and embrace the evolving landscape.

Artists and AI

AI-generated deepfake songs have already managed to mimic the iconic voices of artists like Frank Sinatra and Johnny Cash. The rise of AI-generated music has blurred the line between innovation and infringement, prompting debates on how artists' original work could coexist with AI-generated versions. While some musicians are wary of diluted creativity, others, like electronic artist Grimes, have embraced AI's transformative potential.

Google's MusicLM

In the midst of these negotiations, Google introduced MusicLM—an experimental tool that generates synthetic music from text prompts. Users can explore and vote on different versions of a song, helping refine the model. MusicLM's unique capability to blend text and melody has the potential to reshape music creation. However, it has certain limitations, excluding specific queries mentioning artists or vocals.

Meta's AudioCraf

Meta, too, is forging ahead in the AI-generated music landscape with AudioCraft. This multifaceted tool comprises three primary models: MusicGen, AudioGen, and EnCodec. MusicGen transforms text prompts into music, while AudioGen brings sound effects to life. Meta's open-source approach aims to accelerate the growth of AI-generated audio and music, simplifying complex tasks for musicians and sound designers.

The Future of AI-Generated Music

Recent developments signal a profound shift in music creation, inviting professionals, enthusiasts, and creators to venture into unexplored realms of creativity. As negotiations unfold and AI tools like MusicLM and AudioCraft gain traction, the boundaries of musical innovation are being redrawn. Big tech companies are racing to create user-friendly platforms that can translate imaginative concepts into musical masterpieces. – Using Generative AI to Break Language Barriers

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